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We are proud to be able to assist our client's with their Family Law matters. As part of our holistic service we also help our clients by connecting them with other areas of practice that they may require.

Wills and Estate Planning is an essential aspect of life administration. For separated people, particularly with children, updating or putting in place wills and estate planning documents are vital to ensure your estate planning objectives are achieved after separation.

Separated individuals should be aware that separation does not negate or invalidate your will.

In achieving our mission to make pragmatic, cost-effective legal services available to men at turning points in their lives, we have partnered with an expert estate planning firm, Stokes Lawyers, to provide estate planning services. These services are offered at a reduced rate to the firm’s public rates and in a streamlined delivery mode.

During your Family Law matter your family's situation is likely to dramatically change. To ensure that this change is reflected in your Estate we strongly recommend that all of our client's have new Wills drafted up to ensure that your estate is administered according to your new situation an your new wishes.

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) is just as important. It appoints trusted persons to make your decision if you are unable to. It is therefore crucial to update your EPOA to ensure that your ex-partner is not appointed as your attorney.