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Family Law Articles

Can I successfully oppose a relocation application?

Relocation matters are approached in the same way as any other parenting matter. The question that still needs to be asked is, ‘WHAT IS IN THE CHILD’S BEST INTERESTS?’. The primary considerations in determining what is in the child’s best interests are: The benefit to the child of having a meaningful relationship with both of the child‘s parents; andThe…

I want to see my grandchildren, what do I do?

Grandparents do have rights and are increasingly become part of family court proceedings as Applicants, Respondents and Intervenors (third parties with a recognised interest in proceedings). Grandparents can apply to the Family Court for Orders that their grandchildren live with or spend time with them. It does not matter if the parents of the children…

A New Modernised, More Responsive Family Court System

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia merged on 1 September 2021 into the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA). We now see a new court system for Family Law matters that is innovative and focused on the efficient resolution of matters with a continued focus on the…

Coercive Control and Domestic Violence Laws- MLS Position Statement

Read the attached position statement from Men’s Legal Service about coercive control and the recent attention and calls for review and reform of Queensland’s Domestic Violence laws.

What is the Lighthouse Project and Evatt List?

The Lighthouse Project is a recently announced pilot program implemented by the Federal Circuit...

Interview for Triple J’s ‘The Hack’

Men’s Legal Service Founder and Director James Stokes was interviewed by Triple J’s ‘The Hack’ program to add to and comment on the conversation looking at One Nation’s Family Law Policy. James was quoted in the program and in a later published follow-up article –